New Generation of Trouser Body Pressing Machines

GF Garmenttec developed a complete new generation of pressing machines.

The new pressing machines base on a compactly manufactured linear travelling frame (no travelling arm protruding the machine) which forms a stable closed frame during the pressing process. The pilot bearings put the weight equally on every of the four rolls. Therefore a very long service life is ensured.

The machines are built in compact size (little space is required) and low construction height so that they optically fit in the production halls very well. Due to the construction the travelling process is very fast (the fastest linear travelling machine on the market).


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GF-Energymanagement Control

Also in the garment industry today’s high energy costs play a decisive role. 

Therefore GF Garmenttec developed an energy management control mechanism - especially for companies in which the pressing machines are not 8 hours a day in use in order to save remarkable energy costs there. 

Furthermore the wearout of the cover materials can be drastically reduced. This system ensures that the covers do not become humid and also backing up of the condensate is impossible. These devices have been successfully in use in production facilities since 2010.

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Innovation Award texprocess 2011

Die Firma GF Garmenttec wurde mit dem Innovation Award texprocess der Messe Frankfurt ausgezeichnet. Die Erfindung ist eine Bügelform aus einem nichtmetallischen Grundwerkstoff mit eingebetteten metallischen Komponenten.

Diese Kompositkonstruktion hat ein wesentlich geringeres Gewicht und sorgt für eine beträchtliche Gewichtseinsparung, die den Energieaufwand zur Beheizung der Bügelform erheblich reduziert. Herkömmliche Bügelmaschinen sind mit Bügelformen aus Aluminium ausgestattet und werden mit Dampf beheizt. 

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